rifle self storage  located at 1889 Airport Road. Rifle, CO 81650

Storage Tips

  • Use smaller boxes for books and heavy items
  • Use larger boxes for lighter items
  • Reinforce the bottom of boxes with at least one strip of packing tape
  • Pack boxes firmly to prevent the contents from shifting
  • Seal boxes tightly with wide packing tape
  • Pack records and CDs vertically! Don't stack them flat, they will warp or bend 1
  • Place heavier items in the bottom of the box and lighter items on top

Furniture & Appliances

  • Rent or purchase an appliance dolly for furniture, major appliances, and stacks of boxes.
  • For major appliances, consult your user's manuals for specific moving and safety instructions.
  • Wipe and dry the interiors of all appliances.
  • Tape and or tie down all movable parts.
  • Remember, loading heavy furniture and appliances is not a one-person job. Get help.


  • Disassemble the bed frame and mark each piece so you will have an easy time putting it back together. (Use packing tape to tie rails together.)
  • Wrap mattresses in plastic mattress covers.


  • Never pack more than 30 pounds of books in a box.
  • Alternate bindings and cushion with packing paper.


  • Hang clothing from closets in wardrobe boxes or plastic garment bags.
  • Store clothing from dresser drawers in sturdy cardboard boxes. If the boxes still have some space, consider filling them with bubble wrap.

Artwork, Mirrors, & Lamps

  • Wrap in bubble wrap and stack in a large box with bubble wrap or large peanuts.
  • Remove light bulbs, harps, and lamp shades off lamp.
  • Artwork & mirrors should be wrapped in paper, covered with cardboard.


  • Wrap each fragile item separately with bubble wrap and packing tape
  • Layer wrapped items in sturdy cardboard box using large peanuts or wadded paper between.
  • Place a final layer of peanuts or wadded paper on top, seal and mark.